CLUB 160 Football

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160 x 80 x 33/70 cm
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    With 160 x 80 cm this is the largest tactictable available. It folds in 4 and has an adjustable height of 33 or 70 cm. This table is very suitable for fixed locations like clubhouses, dressing rooms or technical committee offices, although it can also be carried around for events.

    Dimensions open: 160 x 80 x 33/70 cm
    Dimensions folded: 82 x 41 x 15 cm
    Height: adjustable, 33 and 70 cm
    Weight: 11,2 kg

    Disks included: 2 x 11 (different coloured) round flat disks to simulate player positions
    Writable surface: Yes
    Magnetic: Optional
    Magnets: Optional

    Custom Design 
    If you want your own custom design with your club logo or sponsor logos printed on the table, please contact us

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