PRO 120 Hockey Magnetic

120 x 60 x 70 cm - 5,4 kg
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    Large magnetic and writable lightweight hockey tactics coachboard table, 120 x 60 cm that folds in 2 so it can easilly be carried to games or tournaments. Adjustable height of 54 or 69 cm. 

    Dimensions open: 120 x 60 x 70 cm 
    Dimensions folded: 63 x 60 x 7 cm
    Height: adjustable, 54 and 69 cm
    Weight: 5,4 kg

    Disks included: 2 x 11 + 1 (different coloured) round flat disks to simulate player positions
    Writable surface: Yes
    Magnetic: Yes

    25 magnets (2 x 11 + 1)

    FREE: Credit Coach Hockey Pro 

    In combintion with the PRO 120 magnetic hockey tactictable you receive a free Credit Coach Hockey Pro!

    The Credit Coach Hockey Pro is a small, handy and lightweight coaching tool. Perfect for one-to-one communication between coaches / trainers mutually and between coaches and players during games and exercises.

    One side with a hockeyfield, the other side with space to make notes or player lists. With the included fineliner team tactics and player positioning can quickly be pointed out and easilly wiped out again afterwards.

    Set includes :

    • 1 Credit Coach (dimensions: 14,9 x 8,2 cm)
    • 1 Whiteboard marker
    • 1 Lanyard