Taktifol Soccer (3 rolls)

Delivery date: 2-3 days
60 x 80 cm
€ 74.85
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    Simply adhere to the surface you choose, smooth down, and you are ready! Remove Taktifol without leaving a trace, and then adhere it to another surface. Whether it be in the team bus, on the changing room door or wall, on glass or other surfaces, there are no limits to use your Taktifol.

    • Roll contents 25 sheets, perforated after each sheet.
    • Size: 60x80cm
    • Adheres to any surface. Use it everywhere!


    The advantages of Taktifol:

    adheres to any surfaces
    thanks to its electrostatic charge. Doesn`t leave any traces - adheres several times.

    can be wiped off – dry
    traces get reduced by using Taktistick-Markers

    for mobile use
    easy to transport, easy to handle

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